Loud Mouth, Bad A**

She's not afraid to take a fashion risk & I'm always anxious to see what she's going to be wearing next!
I'm soooo ready for her line of sunglasses. Oh and Amber Rose to get her VERY OWN television show???

Should be interesting... I'd watch just to see her outfits!

Amber Rose is a loud mouth, a bad a**, fierce, and Oh So Sylish! I can dig it!

Hey Boy, Ooh Na Na

I love Rihanna's music and this song is no exception!!
 ... OOH NA NA!

Shine On,


... About Time

As of now, my page is private (not by the time you, who ever you may be, read this). Someone special encouraged me to start this blog and after days of procrastinating, pondering, and not really caring ... I finally decided to write my first blog. My blog will have no particular theme except that it shall be about aspects of me and my interests:
  • cooking
  • reading
  • shopping
  • fashion
  • politics
  • volunteering
  • law
I'm a naturally private person, as well as an introvert, so we'll see how this "sharing of virtual info" goes.

Shine On,